Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip

Vanilla Bean

Oregon Strawberry

Double Chocolate Chip

Butter Pecan

Our Story

It all began more than 145 years ago when Louis Graeter moved to Cincinnati to sell ice cream at neighborhood markets. Today, Graeter’s continues the family tradition with the fourth generation - Bob, Chip and Rich - leading the Cincinnati icon with the same passion for quality into a new manufacturing facility. Using the same French Pot freezers, they handcraft ice cream in 2 gallon batches  - continuing Graeter’s addictive Cincinnati tradition.

About our Food

One batch at a time, with only the finest ingredients and huge chocolate chunks, is the secret behind our handcrafted ice creams. This means that you won’t find any fake syrups, sweeteners or artificial colorings. Our cream is sourced from local cows and is free of artificial growth hormones. Don’t forget the famous huge chocolate hunks found in our signature chip ice creams! We take Peter's® Chocolate, melt it, pour it into French pots along with our ice cream, and then, using a paddle, chop it into our notoriously delicious chip-chunks.

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