Skyline Chili Kit 12 pack Frozen

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(12) Skyline Chili (13 oz Frozen) -- (3) packs Skyline Cheddar Cheese -- (3) boxes Oyster crackers -- (2) bottles Hot Sauce -- (3) 8-packs York peppermint patties --
cooler: Medium
Skyline Chili made at home with all the trimmings
When you’ve got a serious case of Skyline Chili cravings, we know it isn’t just for the delicious taste of chili made the way only Skyline does it. 
  • Twelve packages of original Skyline Chili
  • Skyline Chili cheese
  • Skyline Chili oyster crackers
  • Skyline Chili hot sauce 
  • York peppermint patties (that you always pick up at the register!)
You’ll almost feel like you’re back at your favorite Skyline restaurant.