Sausage Grill Master Pack

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(4) packs of NATURAL CASING Brats --(4) packs of NATURAL CASING Metts -- (2) packs of NATURAL CASING Hot Metts --
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Queen City Sausage's All Meat Natural Casing Brat, Mett and Hot Mett Variety Pack
Queen City Sausage delivers only craft sausage. We are loyal to the recipes – the careful balance of spices and meats and the critical baking times, temperatures, and conditions – that make sausage first-rate. And we are proud to be old-fashioned in our quality-driven devotion.  The result is truly our Best sausages, the natural casing grills to crispy perfection, holding in the flavor and juiciness of each link.
  • Four packs of Natural Casing Brats (5 links each)
  • Four packs of Natural Casing Metts (5 links each)
  • Two packs of Natural Casing Hot Metts (5 links each)