Queen City Sausage and LaRosas Pizza Pack

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(2) packs of Skinless Brats -- (2) packs of Skinless Metts -- (2) packs of Skinless Hot Metts -- (3) packs of Wieners -- (2) LaRosa's Pepperoni Pizzas --
1 pack of pepperonis -- cooler: Medium
Queen City Sausage's Brats, Metts , Hot Metts and Hot Dogs + LaRosa's Pizza
There's nothing like having two Cincinnati originals in your freezer this winter. Queen City craft sausages and LaRosa's delicious pizza! Now including 2 FREE packs of Queen City's NEW premium Hot Dog. 
  • Two packs of Skinless Brats (6 links each)
  • Two packs of Skinless Metts (6 links each)
  • Two packs of Skinless Hot Metts (6 links each)
  • (For a Limited Time) Three packs of NEW Hot Dogs (8 links)
  • Two LaRosa's Pepperoni Pizzas