Enjoy Mother’s Grilled Wings with Less Guilt!

Our Story

We’re a local Indiana company, grilling locally-raised chicken to provide you with a healthy sauce-free jumbo chicken wing. It’s that simple, they’re fully cooked, flash frozen, gluten-free, flamed grilled chicken wings.

Our Food

Our tasty nuggets of naked grilled goodness are an additive free, preservative free chicken wing you’ll be glad to serve your family. 100% natural, gluten-free, and always GMO free, Mother’s Wings have no additives - just juicy chicken that’s ready to heat and serve!

Customer Reviews

Jared Miller June 23, 20165 stars
My wife was skeptical about the wings, how would they taste, would they be good, she asked. We took a package home and cooked them in the oven. They were great tasting and juicy. Normally we have franks red hot sauce with butter as a dipping sauce and some homemade blue cheese. This was a quick and easy meal to fix on a weeknight where she didn’t feel like cooking anything. They had a great grilled char on the outside and came out crisp from the oven. The fact that they are healthy just came along for the ride. Thanks for making such a great product.