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Our Story

Longdale Farm is a small, family-owned and operated farm located in South Charleston, Ohio. We partner with other local family farms to rear our cattle. We have introduced a revolutionary new beef to the market that is proven to be 20-45% lower in fat, calories and cholesterol than conventional beef. Longdale Farm’s mission is to provide beef that is better tasting, better for you, better for the environment and better for the cattle.

Our Food

We focus on six key areas to produce this exceptional beef: Taste: we raise our cattle on a special grain, vegetable and vitamin diet to create a big, beefy taste Tenderness: we shear test for tenderness Consistency: every steak and burger should cut, cook and taste the same Health Benefits: we use no added hormones; our feed contains no additives or animal by-products; and the resulting product has lower fat, cholesterol and calories than conventional beef Animal Welfare: our cattle are reared under the supervision and guidance of the legendary Dr. Temple Grandin Sustainability: our program reduces the amount of Methane gas in the environment.

Customer Reviews

Kayla Hedman March 1, 20165 stars
Longdale Farm products are the highest quality steaks I've ever had. No matter the cut, they melt in your mouth! This is how beef should be...and it's healthier for you! You can tell they really care about the process of raising and feeding the cattle, but also care about the environment. I'm very excited these products are now available to ship to Connecticut. I can't wait to share these steaks and burgers with my family and friends.