Best Sellers Combo Pack

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(2)two-pack ribs -- (4)18oz bbq sauce -- (2)LaRosa's Pepperoni Pizzas -- (2)LaRosa's Pasta Sauce -- (1)LaRosa's Italian Dressing -- (4)15oz cans Skyline Chili --
(1) Oyster Crackers -- (1)Skyline Hot Sauce -- (1) pack Queen City Brats-- (1) 8-pack York Peppermint Patties --
(1) pint Graeter's Black Raspberry Chip -- (1) pint Graeter's Mint Choc. Chip -- (1) pint Graeter's Choc. Chip -- (1) pint Graeter's Vanilla -- cooler: medium-Large
A bit of everything that makes Cincinnati food special
Put this collection of Cincy Favorites on your table and your friends will go nuts!
  • Four slabs Montgomery Inn Ribs 
  • Four 18oz bottles Montgomery Inn Barbecue Sauce
  • Two LaRosa's Pepperoni Pizzas
  • Two jars of LaRosa's Pasta Sauce
  • One bottle of LaRosa's Italian Salad Dressing 
  • Four 15oz cans of Skyline Chili 
  • One box of Skyline Oyster Crackers
  • One jar of Skyline Hot Sauce 
  • One pound of Queen City Brats 
  • York peppermit patties
  • One pint Graeter's Ice Cream Black Raspberry Chip
  • One pint Graeter's Ice Cream Chocolate Chip
  • One pint Graeter's Ice Cream Mint Chocolate Chip
  • One pint Graeter's Ice Cream Vanilla