The Cincy Sampler

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(1) 2-slab pack Ribs -- (1)18oz bbq sauce -- (1) pack LaRosa's Meatballs -- (1) jar Larosa's Pasta Sauce -- (1) LaRosa's Italian Salad Dressing --
(1) pack of Gliers OKTOBERFEST Metts -- (1) pint Graeter's Ice Cream Black Raspberry Chip -- (1) pint Graeter's Ice Cream Chocolate Chip --
cooler: small Tall
Sample the best of Cincinnati in one combo
Want to try a little of everything? Sample some of the best tastes of Cincy with this fabulous assortment! Better yet, invite friends over to dig in with you and discover for themselves some of the great tastes of Cincinnati. 
  • Two slabs of famously tender Montgomery Inn Ribs
  • One 18oz bottle Montgomery Inn Barbecue Sauce
  • One order of LaRosa's Italian-style Meatballs
  • One jar Larosa's Family Recipe Pasta Sauce
  • One jar LaRosa's Italian Salad Dressing
  • One 3 lb pack of Gliers Octoberfest Metts
  • One pint of Graeter's Ice Cream Black Raspberry Chip
  • One pint of Graeter's IceCream Chocolate Chip